• Know what you’re raising money for (field trip, new playground equipment, library books, etc.) and communicate it. Buyers are more inclined to purchase when they know why you’re fundraising. (e.g. “We’re raising $1000 so we can attend the regional competition.”)
• Sell to friends and family first.
• Be cheerful and courteous. Always say “thank you” whether someone buys or not.
• Dress neatly or wear a uniform.
• Start planning at least one month in advance and limit your sale to no more than two weeks.
• Post signs and banners announcing the sale and to build some buzz.
• Select a fundraising committee and chair or co-captains:
o Should be organized and reliable.
o Eager to participate.
o Has time to see the program through to completion.
o Is comfortable managing funds.
• Use social media to advertise your sale. Ask members to share information on their own social media sites. Be certain to include your cause.
• Sell at games and events.
• Call on local businesses and merchants.

• Promote candy quality.
• Keep copies of order forms for your records.
• Double check all monies and orders before submitting.

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