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  • We offer the freshest products.
  • You keep 55% of your sales. Your group makes $3.85 for every $7.00 bag sold.
  • There are 20 different items to choose from.
  • We have more ounces of products in our bags.
  • Your order is delivered in 2-3 weeks.
  • We create a personalized label with your logo which is placed on each bag you sell
  • You collect the orders and money, then place one order with us and keep $3.30 per bag.
  • No out of pocket expenses.
  • No inventory, no risk of over-ordering.



Brochure Program Benefits:

  1. No upfront cost - low price point
  2. Highest percent profit margins
  3. 20 items to select
  4. Your private label
  5. Quick delivery time
  6. Packed fresh everytime
  7. High value for your supporters

Brochure Program: How it Works

  1. We'll set you up with your own personal company representative to help you throughout your fundraising program.
  2. We supply brochures for everyone in your selling group.
  3. Your group members collect orders and payment from their supporters.
  4. You place an order with us for all of the products your group has sold.
  5. Your group sends us a check or money order for only the cost of the product ordered and you keep the profit.
  6. We pack your order.
  7. We deliver the products to you
  8. You distribute your candy sales to your group.

Our Brochure Program is a great way to raise money without risk or upfront costs. We’ll supply you with order sheets that are clear, easy-to-understand, and clearly depict the products along with their descriptions. Twenty of the most popular choices are featured on the order sheet.

Your organization simply takes orders from friends and supporters and collects the money at the time orders are taken. All products are priced the same to make order taking and calculations easy.

At the conclusion of your campaign, you’ll tally the totals and submit your order to us. You’ll make the payment from the proceeds you’ve already collected, so there’s no risk, and you immediately retain your profits. Plus there are NO MINIMUMS! You’ll get profits of up to 55 percent regardless of volume sold.

Your order will be packaged fresh with your organization’s personalized label and will arrive in approximately three weeks for you to distribute.

Regardless of the program you choose, Perfect Candy provides the same level of quality and service.
Not sure which one’s right for you?
Contact us to provide comparisons and select the option that will best suit your organization.
Let’s get started!


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